Atul Dhingra

Atul Dhingra

Graduate Research Assistant, Rutgers University

About Me

I am a Computer Science graduate student at Rutgers University. I am presently working on Face Recognition as a Graduate Assistant at Rutgers University advised by Dr. Vishal Patel, co-advised by Dr. Ahmed Elgammal. . I was previously a Visiting Researcher at Biometrics Research Lab, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India where I worked on text-independent Speaker Recognition, Speed-in variance for Gait Authentication and Eye Movement Tracking under the guidance of Prof M. Hanmandlu. In 2013, I was attached to CVIT, IIIT-Hyderabad,India, as a Summer Intern where I developed Hand Based Gesture Modules for controlling Audio-books under the supervision of Prof. C.V Jawahar.

My areas of research are Computer Vision, Biometrics, Face Recogniton, and Deep Learning. I have done various Projects in these realms, to unravel my ever growing interest towards these fields. You can find the list of my publications here.

Curriculum Vitae

Atul Dhingra

Delhi, India


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What's new?

11 April 2017: Successfully defended my Master's Thesis on Face Identifaction and Clustering, available at arXiv

26 June 2016: Attended CVPR '16 in Las Vegas

At CVPR '16

6 May 2016: Attended MACV '16 at Joh Hopkins University

At MACV '16 held at John Hopkins

5 November 2015: Paper accepted to Proceedings of IEEE ICSNCS 2016(Springer)

9 August 2015: Paper submitted to Proceedings of IEEE ICSNCS 2016(Springer)

28 May 2015: Paper accpeted to International Journal Of Advanced Research Trends In Engineering And Technology, pp 65-70, 2015

17 April 2015: Accepted to Masters Program in Computer Science to Rutgers University

02 Feb 2015: Started working on Speaker Recognition

11 August 2014: Working on Gait Analysis

04 August 2014: Started working as a visiting researcher at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)-Delhi, India

11 Feb 2014: Started my first peer-review for Electrical and Computer Science Journal

6 Jan 2014 : Computational Methods for Data Analysis by Dr Nathan Kutz, University of Washington

19-21 December 2013: Will be presenting my work at SEMCCO 2013(Springer)

23 September 2013: Paper Accepted at SEMCCO 2013, LNCS

12 June 2013: Started to work on Gesture Recognition at CVIT, IIIT-Hyderabad under supervision of Prof CV Jawhar

10 June 2013 : Eye Tracking Project ended, Manuscript submitted to SEMCCO 2013

13 Jan 2013: Image and Video Processing by Prof Guillermo Sapiro, Duke University

25th February 2012: Started Working on Eye Movement Tracking at IIT-Delhi, India

10 December 2012: Machine Learning by Prof Pedro Domingos, University of Washington